Looking for Eventbrite Alternatives? Check Out These 8 Platforms

Are you looking for Eventbrite Alternatives? Or Planning that long-awaited bachelorette party for your mate or any corporate event for the family? The one thing that you simply can’t miss doing – Planning and Execution!

Hosting an event requires you to list down your guests. Lock down the venue, figure out the refreshments and get the perfect blazing decor for you.

Well, how about we tell you that there is just the right Platform. For you, that is going to take after all your daunting tasks with ease? – and not only one of them but eight of them. Yes, you heard right!

There’s no denying the fact that Eventbrite is the big fish. Since the world is tech-savvy when it comes to event planning. More handy solutions have paved the way to be even bigger fish than Eventbrite.

Now, what these alternatives are, and what do they come in handy? Well, you need to read the guide below to find out!

1.  Elevate Your Eventbrite Experience with Blacklist Party Mobile App:

On the day of the event, the last thing you will ever want is unwanted chaos – and to tackle that, all you need is an all-in-one event platform to do the job for you!

Allow us to introduce you to the top competitor, that’s renowned for its seamless functionality, navigation possibilities, and sublime chain of features to take event registration and event hosting to a whole new level  – None other than Blacklist Parties Mobile App!

Starting off with the registration as mentioned earlier, registering your events to Blacklist Parties is super simple – the same goes for hosting as well.

Of course, the next step after registration is to look out for vendors and artists to make your event a success – well guess what? You can easily hire vendors and artists from the platform as per your preference!

Not only this, but Blacklist Parties Mobile also allows vendors and artists to register themselves over the platform, and market themselves to get hired by event hosting parties!

In short, for registering or hosting events, finding vendors, or hiring artists – Blacklist Parties is your one app platform for everything! Just sign up to the app, surf for a while – and you’ll know what masterpiece you’ve got your hands on!

2.  Eventbrite Alternatives: Eventnoire

In search of the best event app and platform that aims to serve and embrace the black audience and black attendees, then Eventnoire might be the best pick for you!

Being the premier event registration platform, Eventnoire specializes in offering customized event ticketing and marketing solutions.

Their technology enables a number of features to improve the event-organizing experience, but if we talk about some of the best features, then event commissions, faster payouts using Stripe, and sponsorship opportunities are worth mentioning!

For the black attendees who’re looking to spend quality time, or a black event provider looking for a viable event hosting platform for his event, then Eventnoire is the perfect place for you!

3.  Eventbrite Alternatives: Whova

Considering the heaping amount of benefits Whova comes in handy with, many event planners consider it to be the next top alternative after Eventbrite and the blacklist party app for a number of reasons. The very first thing that we found attractive about Whova was its ticketing software – super feasible, with a dynamic set of features that makes ticket booking as easier as eating ice cream!

Not only this, the fact that everybody loves is extra discount offers – and at Whova you will undeniably get the best rates with usually 2.0% tax.

Registering to Whova is super easy too, just go to the app, signup, and boom – you stepped into the whole world of events!

4.  Ticketleap:

No matter what size of event you are holding up to market if you have come around Ticketleap, you are event is sure to be of ultimate success! 

What makes Ticketleap a strong competitor to Eventbrite is the shift of focus from user event discovery, rather than to making events visible to potential people.

Utilizing the time, experience, and opportunities to the fullest, Ticketleap has just perfected its event software algorithm that favors the event organizers and gives them the leverage to make their event simply the best!

5.  Splash:

Enterprise events or professional conference planners, if you want your events to go just the way you planned without causing any unwanted diversions, then you need to check out Splash!

Splash, also famous as Splash that is a viable event registration platform that commonly targets large-scale community or enterprise events. It gives a chance to event planners to market and measure their events in the best manner!

Their software is designed solely to deliver notable event experiences. While providing quick data on a number of attendees and feasible feedback options to gather reviews for better services in the long run!

Go beyond the traditional event planning and try the new aura of Splash!

6.  Hopin:

Every professional event planner knows that keeping the attendees engages in a virtual or hybrid UserExperience is a daunting task!

Being the best hybrid event platform, whether you are hosting an event at a 100 people townhall, or 1 Lac person summit, hopin comes filled as a savior by bringing its event tool to the virtual world!

The best part about Hopin is that you can produce webinars, build virtual expos, and physical events. These are just a few capabilities Hopin has to offer.

Get associated with Hopin, and kickstart your career in event planning!

7.  Ticketbud:

When we talk about the best event app, Ticketbud happens to be one of them to event a head start. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Ticketbud helps you create custom websites in seconds

With the help of third-party integrations and special audience segmentations with quick payment processing. Ticketbud comprises dedicated constant support for all the event planners out there.

So if you really want to make a name for yourself, you need to give networking technology of Ticketbud.

8.  Eventbee:

Eventbee is yet another platform for event organizers to plan, promote and manage stellar events with ease. Coming enriched with robust features and a plethora of fruitful functions. This platform helps users create event pages and registration platforms that are easy to navigate.

Being super customer-oriented, Eventbee is professionalized in taking care of the attendees. Creating one of the viable chances for the event hosters to hold down to their potential leads!

Give Eventbee a try, and we hope that you’ll be visiting this platform once again!


If you have gone through the guide above, we can assume that now you must know the best alternatives.

Though Eventbrite is a comprehensive platform, however, you should never stop exploring the other possible options! If you ask us for hand-picked advice, we’ll say to go for the Blacklist Parties MobileApp.

For personalized recommendations, we highly recommend considering the Blacklist Parties Mobile App, a top choice according to FinBiz Tech. However, the ultimate decision rests with you. Choose a platform from the options that best aligns with your requirements and fully accommodates your preferences.